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Oct 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
along the lower mississippi river, there's less resistance, and it flows a little faster. the velocity of a river also tends to increase if the amount of water in the river channel increases. the quantity of water moving through a river is called its discharge. the discharge of a river is how much water it's actually carrying. we usually measure this as a volume per unit time. the united states commonly says cubic feet per second. most of the world uses cubic meters per second moving down the channel. discharge increases from the head of the stream to the stream mouth as the drainage basin increases. there's simply a larger area to contribute discharge, to contribute flow to the streams. the primary way that a river functions geologically is to transport not just water, but sediment, down slope and toward the oceans. the faster a river flows, the more efficient this process becomes, so geologists are acutely interested in flow velocity. when the flow velocity of a stream is relatively high, the energy of the moving water is converted into processes that lift chunks of bedrock or sedime
Oct 29, 2012 2:00am PDT
spoken there we find offensive today. the mississippi delta is nearly 2,000 miles from the hollywood hills where ray defalita grew up and now works as a film maker. it's a lifetime away from the neighborhood where yvette johnson is raising her boys. yet a year ago these strangers both bent on unraveling personal family mysteries discovered they share adied a unique bond. it was a bond rooted in a 1976 nbc documentary on race. >> people in other areas of the country are convinced we are prejudiced against the color of the skin. >> that felt their way of life was under attack by civil rights workers sounds shocking today. >> i feel that god had a precipice in creating the race. they are what god made them. and i'm proud of being white. because i am what my white race has made me. i'm white today because my parents practiced segregation. >> the man behind the camera was ray's father, frank defalita. and the unlikely hero of that film was yvette's grandfather. a 40-year-old waiter by the name of booker wright. this is a story about what booker said, the price he paid for saying it, and
Oct 26, 2012 11:35pm PDT
: in martinsville, virginia. >> white power! >> reporter: and in tupelo, mississippi, a couple of weeks ago, a similar scene. >> white power! >> reporter: over the past four months, "nightline" has been granted rare access to the resurgent klan. their rituals, their people, their message of racial segregation. >> we do not protect our race and protect our people, they gonna destroy it. they gonna kill us. >> reporter: to get to the heart of it, we headed south to meet the grand dragon of the mississippi white knights of the kkk. made infamous in the film "mississippi burning." >> you already been told once. >> reporter: it's impossible not to think what once happened here. the territory scarred by the battles of the civil rights era. >> a klan bomb ripped apart birmingham's 16th street baptist church, killing four children attending bible class. >> reporter: so, we're in birmingham, alabama. and just down here is the jail where martin luther king jr. wrote the famous letter from a birmingham jail. along the way, we make a stop at the southern poverty law center, where mark potok and his col
Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. by virtue of intimidation or at least confusion. here's how it works in the great state of mississippi. in the great state of mississippi this past november, a referendum passed saying people couldn't vote without documentation. that many thousands of mississippi residents do not have. yesterday the department of justice told mississippi that given the special scrutiny that state earned under the voting rights act for many years of suppressing the black vote, given that special scrutiny, the justice department said no to this new proposed law in mississippi. or at least they said not yet. this law is at least not going to be in effect for the november election in mississippi. you're not going to have to show i.d. to vote in mississippi. the worry here was that because thousands of mississippi legal voters don't have the i.d. that would have been necessary under the new law, this new law would have kept disproportionate numbers from voting on election day. that law is now technically been blocked by this justice department letter. what if you could get that impact on the the electorate
Oct 17, 2012 2:00am PDT
, mississippi, missouri, southern illinois, tennessee, these are areas that have a chance of seeing severe thunderstorms today. almost like a spring-like set up once again. you probably femt it in the air yesterday. it's very warm. we'll add some humidity. and when the strong cold front comes through, we'll spark the severe weather late today and there is a chance of some tornadoes with this. so if you're in the little rock area to memphis especially done to jackson, mississippi, that's the favorite area if we're going to get any tornadoes late today. make sure you know that your plans just in case to keep yourself and your family safe. that would be late this afternoon into this evening. that storm is now brewing in the northern plains. it's a pretty large storm system. anyone in the plains will tell you how windy it was yesterday. it's continuing to be very windy during the day today. and now with it, we have the rain through areas of minnesota and through the dakotas. it's not a lot as far as cold air behind it, no snow or ice with this storm system. but it's just going to be a big stor
Oct 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
's another piece of good news. in mississippi the new law requiring voters to show i.d., they never had to show before, that law got blocked by an action by the justice department. the law will not be in effect for the election. you don't need to show an i.d. in order to vote this year in mississippi. still though, the republican state official in charge of mississippi elections spent all summer long telling people in that state that you do have to have an i.d. so if you don't have a driver's license in mississippi, you can still vote but your state government has been busy spending your taxpayer dollars trying to convince you to not bother to vote. voter i.d. as i said, though, good news. it's been changed. look. the jackson free press started raising a stink about this. now finally the state election website says the truth. mississippi's voter i.d. law will not be in effect for the november election. it is a teeny tiny statement, but at least it's finally true. and a bunch of regular folks in mississippi are doing what they can to try to get the word out a little louder. including thi
Oct 18, 2012 2:00am PDT
of mississippi got hit the worst. the storms as far as the official tallies go about 77 storm reports, the blue dots are the damaging wind reports, the red is the tornado reports. we had three of them. it appears the one near yazoo city and to the south of meridian did the most damage. a couple thousand without people in central mississippi and the storms have weakened. a look at that storm that did cause the issues. here it was as it went through the meridian, mississippi, area. now in south central portions of alabama. it has weakened significantly. no longer a tornado threat but in monroeville you're going to get gusty winds, hear the lightning and thunder and those storms should be passing by within the next hour. otherwise, the storms have weakened significantly. it looks like these storms heading down toward i-10 will produce heavy rain. this storm in the northern plains got blown around from oklahoma northward, winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. still windy behind that storm in iowa through missouri. it's cloudy, cool, raw up here from the dakotas all the way through the great lakes a
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to enroll at the university of mississippi. his place on campus was deeply unpopular among white students. it led to riots so severe president john f. kennedy sent in the national guard to restore order. so 50 years long, how have things changed in america? >> i came back to mississippi in 1960 to launch a war against white supremacy with the intent of destroying it. the color line didn't enter the picture. only citizenship. and the rights and privileges there are and the reality of enjoying them or not enjoying them. and that's the reason why i looked the way i did because i knew the other side of fear that if someone was in the situation where they were afraid and showed no fear it would scare the life out of the other side and i know it was for rear because they were shaking like a leaf on a tree. my job was finished. once i put the president of the united states in the position where he had to use the military might of the united states of america to protect my rights as a citizen, everything else was somebody else's job. i was not a human being. i was a soldier. and soldiers when the
Oct 8, 2012 4:30am EDT
portions of mississippi. some of the heavier showers throughout this morning, but overall moving pretty quickly into areas of southern tennessee as we go throughout the morning. so your forecast today, after the chilly morning, it's a nice afternoon from denver to chicago. the only problem down there in florida, we'll continue with some showers and storms. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. one area, the area of rain i was just mentioning there in mississippi, it will quickly be moving across the weather map today. eventually it will bring a chance of some clouds and showers to areas in virginia, even north carolina and possibly even washington, d.c. no big warm-up in sight. looks like this chillier weather pattern is here to stay for at least the next week. >> so is it win thor? >> -- winter? >> no, that's a whole duff ball game. >>> business headlines are straight ahead. plus, who is the new sexiest woman in the world? last year it was rihanna. did she repeat or is there someone new? you're watching "early today." >>> i'm ver
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
talk to friends back home, you wouldn't be able to understand me. >> my dad is mississippi, so i did go down to a mississippi reunion. >> george bush sounded more southern below the mason/dixon line. politicians on both sides do that. i don't hold him at fault for trying to sound like a pandering politician. >> roland, what do you make of this video? >> i think it is utterly laughable that sean hannity and the rest of the folks make this out to be something significant. something that was written on june 7th, 2007, on, was a column i wrote with the headline called "obama's quiet riots are real." so they want to -- >> quiet riot is a phrase he was using in this very speech. >> no, but my point is i was referencing the speech that he also gave to the hampton ministers conference. here's the deal, you talk about the amount of money spent on the gulf coast. first of all, new orleans and gulf coast, that's alabama and mississippi, okay? is this going to have any impact of the selection? absolutely not. this is something more than sean hannity's infactuation with reverend jeremiah wri
Oct 27, 2012 2:00am PDT
electric coverage. >> now, solid blue practically all the way from the mississippi river westward leaving only oregon, washington, and arkansas, as you can see. >> beginning to look like a suburban swimming pool over there. >> a suburban swimming pool, that was tom brokaw and then david brinkley announcing ronald reagan's landslide election when we called republicans blue. >>> there's a new ebook coming out with video going back to 1940. we'll have that on tonight. >>> let me finish with this campaign that's really starting to smell. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ke longer. i'm done! [ chuckles ] sweet [ female announcer ] swiffer's wet mopping cloths can clean better than mops in half the time swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." in the closing days of the campaign, the two candidates for president are pursuing very different strategies. on the one hand president obama has gone on a virtual media blitz speaking to various radio shows, "rolling stone" magazine, as well as tv interviews with seven affiliates just today an
Oct 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
the mississippi river westward leaving only oregon, washington, and arkansas, as you can see. >> beginning to look like a suburban swimming pool over there. >> a suburban swimming pool, that was tom brokaw and then david brinkley announcing ronald reagan's landslide election when we called republicans blue. there's a new e book coming out with video going all the way back to 1940. we'll have that on tonight. >>> let me finish with this campaign that's really starting to smell. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ want my recipe for healthier hair color? natural instincts! formulated with aloe, vitamin and antioxidants natural instincts has a system that's a healthier way to radiant color. indulge... with natural instincts. less guilt, more gorgeous. [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience.
Oct 22, 2012 1:00am PDT
broken bones in his face. >>> the university of mississippi, you know it as ole miss, well, the school just made history. 50 years after immigrating, it's elected its first african-american homecoming queen. >>> first, collect as many credit cards as you can. compete with your friends to buy possessions you can't afford. and don't bother saving for retirement. it's a long way off. these are all things ben stein says you should do if you want to ruin your financial life. christine romans sits down with him in this week's "mastering your money." >> ben stein is a well-known economist. he was a speechwriter for president nixon and, oh, yeah, this. >> bueller. bueller. bueller. >> now ben stein is advising all of us to slack off a little like ferris bueller. he writes financial basics, they're boring. it's much better to be adventurous. he writes a lot of stuff like that but i bet he doesn't mean it considering his new book is entitled "how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio." we know the financial world is full of people trying to fleece you. >> we sure do know that. >> why
Oct 20, 2012 4:00pm PDT
a blockade of gaza since 2007. >>> the university for mississippi, you know it as ole miss, well, the school has just made history right now. 50 years after integrating, the school has elected its first african-american homecoming queen. i'm going to talk to her next. there she is live, giving her queen wave. her royal wave. others. okay guys, here we go. everybody say, 'cheeeeeeeee-eeeeeese'. got it. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm PDT
election coverage. >> now solid blue practically all the way from the mississippi river westward leaving only oregon, washington, and arkansas, as you can see. >> beginning to look like a suburban swimming pool over there. >> a suburban swimming pool, that was tom brokaw and then david brinkley announcing ronald reagan's landslide election when we called republicans blue. >>> there's a new ebook coming out with video going back to 1940. we'll have that on tonight. >>> let me finish with this campaign that's really starting to smell. this is "hardball," the place for politics. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> let's check the hardball scoreboard. president obama is leading mitt romney up by 2, 46/44. also in ohio, a cnn poll has obama at 50 and romney at 46. in colorado, obama is
Oct 29, 2012 3:05am EDT
, backwards. >> tell me about this house. >> for ray de felitta, this was his first trip to mississippi. and like yvette, it was the unfinished story of booker wright that lured him here. following in his father's footsteps. >> ray, what was it like for you to suddenly find yourself in these same towns, in the same streets. >> it was great to actually envision my dad in 1965 there and i'm actually sitting in the same restaurant, i'm wandering with a film crew in the same town. >> before long, ray and his crew were bumping into people who'd actually appeared in his father's film. people like iola mccoy whom he met while she was serving the crew lunch one day. >> that's part of the magic of film making. amazing things happen that you never foresaw. >> iola was a young mother living on a plantation in 1965 when the manager abruptly led frank de felitta's crew into her mother's house. >> come on out here. >> the manager wanted to show frank how well his black tenant farmers lived and how he treated them. he said he took care of these tenants like this one who was going to get indoor plumbin
Comedy Central
Oct 26, 2012 10:00am PDT
-- governor romney has endorsed personhood amendment in mississippi. >> jon: i remember that. >> and even the people of mississippi rejected that position. >> jon: well, romney also rejected that position as well. >> well-- the president calls it romnesia. i have my own, what i call mittology. >> jon: slunt all that be my job, shouldn't i be one the one thinking up these very clever things. but how about that, you guys do that-- let me just go right to the law. (laughter) dow consider-- i find that it seems like president obama is not seemingly the head of the democratic party in the way that, let's say-- he is big on separation of-- he hassle vated the legislative power, to some extent. >> well, it is a question of shared values. what is it we are there to do. it's to the about having a job, it's about doing the job for the american people. >> jon: right. >> and when we were there and he was in-- when we were in the majority with the president, we were able to accomplish a great deal for the american people. when the republicans came in they said that the president never, this does never
Oct 13, 2012 10:00pm PDT
watch. >> we'll be right back. he was taken to a hospital n biloxi, mississippi late lat night, where doctors say hed >>> gavey collins has died. he was taken to a hospital in biloxi, mississippi, late last night, where doctors say he died of natural causes. he appeared in several movies during the 60s and 70 polyurethane. during the 80s, he hosted the miss america pageant, and was host of a daily tv show. gary collins was 74. >>> a fast-food company is recalling dog treats because they can make both pets and humans sick. nature's recipe is recalling a limited supply of oven baked biscuits with real chicken. they were manufactured at a kansas plant and distributed naturally. they could be contaminated with salmonella. the possible contamination can pose a risk to dogs and people touching the treat,, but so far no reports of dogs or people getting sick. >> more late heroics from the yankees in game one of the alcs next. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks
Oct 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
. a mississippi college student makes history at ole miss. you're watching "early today." >>> good monday morning. welcome back to "early today." in the northwest we dealt with the rain, especially on sunday. another batch of rain coming in this afternoon and this evening. this will be pretty heavy, a little windy, too, especially along the coast. southern california to arizona, you continue to be missed by these storms. the ridge of high pressure to your north is keeping you very warm. 87 today in l.a. tomorrow will be 88. could be in the 90s on wednesday. we keep it showery and cool in the northwest. kind of a split forecast for the west coast. >>> if you're watching us on knbc, nbc 4 in l.a., in woodland hills, navigate a corn maze, explore a haunted house or jump on board a hey ride at the halloween harvest festival at pierce college. that's your pacific event of the day. >> i can't believe it's already halloween. >> costume time. get it done. >> i know. then christmas holidays. >> don't stress everyone out. >>> here now is a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment news. at the box
Oct 12, 2012 11:35pm PDT
in poverty. girls a lot like a young oprah winfrey. >> at the time that i grew up in mississippi, it was very much like south africa. it was apartheid mississippi. it was. and segregated schools, no running water, no electricity. which was just the way, you don't think, oh, gee, everybody else has it and i don't. that's just the way i grew up. it's amazing that i've come from that to my own ipad. >> reporter: the girls and their families understood the life-altering gift of education. >> you will be a part of the very first class of the oprah winfrey -- >> reporter: in a setting so luxurious, simple amenities were cause for celebration. one of the moments that i thought so captures the gap that you are trying to bridge with these girls when is they react to the plumbing. >> ah, yeah, that is still one of my favorite moments. >> reporter: me, too. >> talk about favorite things. they were most excited, of course, about the plumbing, because it means i can take a shower, i don't have to go and find buckets of water that is one or two kilometers away. i don't have to share a pump on a yard with 5
Oct 16, 2012 4:30am PDT
, coming up after the break. ,,,, mississippi. four elephants made a run for it on the hiy ov . >>> you could say it was a circus on an interstate in mississippi, four elephants made a run for it on the highway over the weekend. they actually do belong too circus. they got loose after the truck pulling their trailer ran off the road. officials say the elephants were scared but the not hurt. these elephants are huge. combined they are worth $6 million. >> they were on a road trip. they don't get out very much. >> they wanted to do some sight seeing. >>> we have some big time changes coming in our weather. we have dense fog along the coastline. a couple of patches inside the bay, but the temperatures are running mild outside this morning and by the afternoon we're going to start to heat things up as high pressure takes over, maybe 70s again will show up toward the coastline. you'll see 70s inside the bay, maybe low 80s in towards san jose and moving toward 80s in the valley. this is the beginning of much warbler weather on the way. -- warmer weather on the way. and then overnight tomorrow
Oct 8, 2012 2:00am PDT
of rain. we are watching the rain down here in northern mississippi, southern portions of tennessee. looks like it should stay just to the south of nashville. as we mentioned, some of those clouds increasing late today with showers especially for the evening rush hour from philly to d.c. the rest of the country looks pretty dry, veronica. it is a pretty chilly start. if you haven't switched the wardrobe out, now's the time to do it. >> brought my winter coat, bill. california's gains pains have the governor fuming. a shortage. this you'll want to hear. >>> plus, your "first look" at business is straight ahead. >>> on the blink. from eye shuttering statistics from last week's debate. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. overmany discounts to thine customers! safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners' discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 752 (some duplicates have been removed)